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Dhaka Board SSC Math Exam 2017 Question Paper Leaked

Dhaka board SSC math exam 2017 question paper Leaked. Dhaka board, Bangladesh used leaked question paper in the mathematics examination. This question paper leaked through WhatsApp hours before the test. The question paper Staff Correspondent Michael Bond received when he wanted for it posing as a candidate has matched verbatim with both multiple choice and creative section of the question paper used in the Math exam on Sunday.

SSC Question Leak

Dhaka Board SSC Exam Question Paper Leaked

Michael obtained the WhatsApp number from a Facebook group. collected the SSC question paper from the Students to examine it with the leaked one after the test of the compulsory subject was held from 10 am to 1 pm.

The education ministry has been denying the allegation of leaked question paper of SSC examinations amidst heavy criticism over the matter in the past few years. When contacted with the evidence on Sunday, the exam controller at the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka, said it was a 'worrying matter'.

Tapan Kumar Sarkar, the chief of the inter-board exam controller sub-committee, told that the board authorities also received a leaked question paper Saturday night. But it did not match with the real question paper.

He, however, admitted that the set of questions got at 9:30am on Sunday resembled the real ones. Education Minister Nurul Islam was not available on his mobile phone for comment last night. Besides, Secondary and Intermediate Education Secretary Md Sohrab Hossain did not answer our the phone or text messages.

SSC Result 2017 online download

The exam controller at the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education asked the reporter to contact intelligence agencies about the leak. Generally question papers are sent to deputy commissioners' offices and kept in the treasuries for 15 to 20 days before the SSC examination 2017.
The question papers are forwarded from the district treasuries to the police stations at the Upazilas 3 days before the examinations and those finally reach the exam centres in the morning of the SSC exam days.

The authorities at the exam centres open the sealed files half an hour before the tests start.

How the SSC question papers were obtained
A declaration was made on the Facebook page - SSC Exam Question 2017 Only Dhaka Board - at 4:17pm on Feb 9 claiming that '1000% common' math question paper will be supplied through 'WhatsApp number 01744681139' for Tk 800.

SSC Question Leak dhaka board
On sending a request at 8:10pm on Saturday, an image version of a handwritten math question paper was sent to the correspondent at 8:56pm.

Another image of a printed version of 'Kha' set of the math question paper was sent at 9:08pm.
No discussion on the payment method was held with the disguised reporter. By the way, The handwritten solutions to the 'Kha' set question paper arrived at 9:53pm.
At 2:40am on Sunday, a text message was sent through WhatsApp message. It asked to finish the sent sets first.

The SMS also said the sender would inform what set has been chosen for the exam at 8am. The printed 'Ka' set question paper was sent after that.

Another set of handwritten MCQ was sent at 6:46am, saying that the set might have changed. The creative section of the 'Ka' set was sent again at 6:48am. The printed MCQ section was sent with the solutions at 9:36am. The message read: "100% sure common".

The set of creative questions of 'Ka' set received at 2:40am was used in the examination which started at 10am. The MCQ section was the same sent at 9:36am. At 11:09am, another SMS was sent from the number, saying: "You'll get me at all the levels in your life."
Dhaka Board SSC Exam Question Leaked

"I work in every kind of SSC exam. Remember that I always want your wellbeing," it read.

The sender also promised to provide the question papers of Islam and Physical Education if he or she gets 'something' in exchange for his 'labor'. "Those who understand the value of labor will knock me again," it also added.

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Dhaka Board SSC Result 2017 Download with Marksheet

SSC Result 2017 Dhaka Board! Welcome to the Dhaka Board SSC Result 2017 with Marksheet Check fast! Hello Friends, getting the latest and update information about the Dhaka Education Board SSC result check 2017. Here we are to serve you by providing all Necessary information for the SSC examinee 2017. Just give some times for understanding you about the SSC Result 2017 Check from Dhaka Education Board Bangladesh Fast and Free.

SSC Result 2017 Dhaka Board Check online:

You can easily check the Dhaka Education Board Result 2017 from the Internet very fast. Two different options are Available to check the Dhaka Board SSC Result 2017. One is Directly Check the Dhaka Board SSC Result from the Dhaka Education Board official Website and another is the Education Board BD Official Result Archive. Both methods are online based and you can choose any one Option from two for checking your SSC exam result 2017 under the Dhaka Education Board.

If you want to check your result Fast from the Dhaka Board official Website, just visit and then follow below instruction. After Visiting, Click on the SSC Result Menu from the top. You can also Visit directly to the “” and then you will get more two Options. One the Individual Result and another hold Institute wise Result. As an SSC Examinee, You need to Click on the Individual Result Button to Check Your Dhaka Board result 2017 by Roll Number.

Dhaka Board SSC Result 2017
Celebrating Dhaka Board SSC Result passed students
If you want to check your Full School (Institute) Results under Dhaka Education Board, You Need to click on the Institute Based Result button. By clicking, you need to enter the School EIIN Number and passing Year.

SSC Result 2017 Dhaka Board Check by SMS:

The Dhaka Board SSC Examinee 2017 can check their SSC Exam result 2017 fast by Mobile SMS. If you have any operator Mobile SIM, you can Easily Check your SSC Result under Dhaka Education Board easily. Just go to the message option and type:
SSC <space> DHA <space> Your Dhaka Board SSC Roll <space> 2017.
Then, Send the message to 16222. After successful sending, you will be charged 2.65 TK as Service Charge for Checking Education Board Result and you will receive a SMS with your Result. The Education Board Result is powered by Teletalk Bangladesh limited.

Maximum Times the Education Board Result Publish on 02:00 PM, so still waiting until 2 PM of the SSC Result Publish date to send the SMS. Only One Roll number is eligible to check Result per SMS. Please don’t send more than one Roll Number to Check SSC Result 2017 because it is a Wrong Format. One thing Remember, Sometimes the Reply Message with result takes several times.

Dhaka Board SSC Result 2017 by Android Mobile Apps:

According to the SSC Result 2017 Dhaka Education Board Check by Android Mobile Apps, You must need to have sufficient concept about the SSC result 2017 check Online. The Dhaka Board SSC Examinee 2017 can easily check SSC result by Android Apps but they need to know that the Android Apps Result Check option is similar with the Result Check Online.

If you have the Android Apps for Checking Dhaka Education Board SSC Result 2017 in your Android mobile Device, You Need to open the Apps before publishes the SSC result Online. So, open the Apps before 2PM of the Result Publish date.

This is the last attempt of this Article about SSC Result 2017 Dhaka Board. Do you have any Question about Dhaka Board SSC Result 2017 Download with Marksheet Article? If you have, please Inform us here by using our Contact us form or via the below comment box. We will reply you back soon.

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Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2017 Published

Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2017. Now this time to publish the result with you. SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board will Publish under the Bangladesh Education Board Computer. The SSC Results 2017 Rajshahi Board and Secondary School Certificate Result related all data and latest update will available on here. Here is the official result of SSC result under the Board of Intermediate and Secondary, Rajshahi. Our teams collect best and correct information about this SSC result.

SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board

We update all the News of SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Education Board on here. As a SSC (Secondary school certificate) Examines 2017, you need to be confident and keep up to date and get ready for getting your ssc exam result. It will also help you to share your Experience with others. To learn more all upcoming news about SSC Result Rajshahi Education Board 2017, just connect with us.

SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board will available in our website after The Result Officially Published. 1st time it will publish on the Bangladesh Education board Result Portal by education minister Nurul Islam Nahid. Teletalk mobile Limited powered Education Portal for SMS and online/internet.

SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board Publish Date:

The Exam will be started from 2nd February 2017 under the all General Education Board with Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board and Technical Education board. To get the SSC Exam suggestion 2017 Rajshahi Board of all your own Subjects, Stay with us on here. We will update all the SSC exam Suggestion and question patterns on here for you. Now we’ll learn details about the SSC Exam Results 2017 Rajshahi Board Collection method. May be, SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board publish date is 30th May in this year. So wait until the ssc result publish. Once the result will publish by ministry of education, then you can get your result easily with full marksheet.

Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2017
Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2017

SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board by Online/Internet

Here is lots of method available for getting this ssc result. To get SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board from internet just need to make simple and easy step. Visit the Rajshahi Education Board official Website: and find where the SSC corner and select individual result. If you got trouble for getting ssc exam result with this website, then try to Bangladesh Education Board official website. You may face some problem on result day. Don't worry, try and try again. One time you will get your result with full marksheet.

How to get Rajshahi Board (RAJ) SSC Result 2017 Fast?

This is first 3 letters of your Rajshahi Board Name “RAJ”. If you want to get your Rajshahi board SSC Result 2017 by Mobile SMS, then you must need to know first 3 letters of Rajshahi Education Board. Here are 3 popular options are available for getting this results. One of these is mobile SMS. This is smart way. In this year more then 1.5 Lakhs students are attended on SSC Examination under the Rajshahi Education Board. So you getting how to get your ssc result by education board. Don't disappointed guys, Here is others 2 method for get result fast and quickly.

SSC Result 2017 for Rajshahi Board by Mobile SMS:

SMS Process is the popular and easy ways to get Result in Bangladesh. As a SSC Examine, you may new to collect your SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board. So, SMS system is recommended for you. To get your Rajshahi Board 2017 SSC Result by mobile SMS, Just need to send an SMS to 16222. Go to your mobile Message option and type SSC and give a space. Then type RAJ (the 1st three letters of Rajshahi Board Name). Again, give a space and Type your ssc Roll number, space 2017.
For Example: SSC RAJ 123456 2017 send to 16222
You will be charged 2.46 Taka with 15% VAT and 3% SD for per massage. So, Recharge your balance first, before sending the SMS. You can send this SMS from any operator in Bangladesh.

Hope guys you understand how to get SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Education Board. In this post, I detailed all methods of getting any result. If you have any problem with this article or want to know more, then do a comment on a comment section.

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HSC Result 2017 in Bangladesh Education Board

HSC Result 2017 in Bangladesh Education Board. HSC exam result 2017 Bangladesh Education Board will publish on 1st week of August, it most probably on 9th August 2017. According to education ministry, HSC Result 2017 in Bangladesh Education Board will publish within 60 days of Exam finished. We will give you all update at right time.

HSC Result 2017 in Bangladesh

HSC Result 2017 in Bangladesh Education Board. HSC Result 2017 all education board will publish soon. You will get HSC Result 2017 in Bangladesh Education Board form Education Board official website at and from our website

HSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate) written exam ended on 11th June and Practical exam ended on 22nd June 2017 for all educational boards. Unfortunately this year SSC Exam was held only on Fridays and Saturdays for political crisis but HSC Exam was hold in right time & date.

HSC Result 2017 Download

How many students were attended in HSC Exam 2017?

There are more than 10.73 lakh (1,073,884) students (570,993 are boys and 502,891 are girls of them) attended from 8,305 educational institutions over the country in HSC Exam 2015 under ten education boards including a Madrasah education board, a Technical education board & Business Management. There are 886,933 students sit from eight general education boards whereas 84,360 from madrasah board, 98,247 from vocational and 4,344 from DIBS.

HSC Result 2017 Bangladesh
HSC Result 2017 Bangladesh
Beside this 241 students were appearing. The tests began at 10:00am at 2,419 centers in two shifts – morning & evening. Physically-challenged students got 20 minutes extra during exam time. This year total 25 tests hold in creative method and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) examination carried in 100 marks for the first time.

HSC Result 2017 Full MarkSheet Download

Last year’s HSC Result publication Date in Bangladesh:
HSC Result 2016 was announced on 13th August 2016.
HSC Result 2013 was announced on 3rd August 2013.
HSC Result 2012 announced on 18th July 2012.
HSC Result 2011 was announced on 27th July 2011.

When HSC Exam Result 2017 will be published?
HSC Exam Result 2017 will be published in the 1st week of August – most Potential on 09th August 2015. You will get all update information about HSC Exam Result 2017 from our website.

How to get HSC Exam Result 2017 by mobile SMS?

HSC and equivalents candidates can get their result easily through SMS. To get HSC Result 2017 in mobile SMS, first go to Mobile message option and type –

HSC/Alim <space> first three letters of Board name <space> Roll no <space> 2017 then send to 16222

For Examples: For HSC Result 2017 – Type HSC RAJ 478596 2017

For Alim Result 2017- Type Alim MAD 524869 2017 send to 16222

For Technical Result 20175- Type HSC TEC 514263 2017 send to 16222

You can check BD Education Board Result from below:

HSC Result 2017 BD

HSC Result 2017 Dhaka Board | HSC Exam Result 2017 Barisal Education Board,

HSC Result 2017 Chittagong Board | HSC Exam Result 2017 Comilla Education Board,

HSC Exam Result 2017 Dinajpur Board | HSC Exam Result 2017 Jessore Board,

HSC Exam Result 2017 Rajshahi Board | HSC Exam Result 2017 Sylhet Education Board,

HSC Result 2017 Madrasha Education Board and Technical Education Board result 2017

www.hsc result 2017

Don’t worry about HSC Result 2017 in Bangladesh Education Board and related, you will get it in time. Wish you all the best. All students and guardians can able to get their expected results of Education Baord of Bangladesh from To get fast hsc result Just Comment Below like as: Board Name <space> HSC Roll Number. After publishing result we will reply here.

HSC Result 2017 Education Board Result

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SSC Result 2017 Bangladesh Internet Education Board Result

SSC Result 2017 Bangladesh Internet All Education Board. The SSC Result 2017 and its equivalent examinations will be published on May 11. Education Secretary Sohrab Hossain confirmed it to Bangla News paper. Starting from February 1, the SSC and its equivalent examinations ended on March 14. Earlier on April 20, Dhaka Education Board sent a proposal to the ministry for publishing the SSC results on May 10 or 11.

For the last six years, the results for the SSC, HSC and equivalent exams are being published within two months after the exams. 

How can I collect My SSC Result 2017 from the Internet?

Now a day, It is a popular question we hear from the SSC Examinee. They also Search with the keywords. Now, We are describing details about the SSC Result collection Process from Internet all Education Board. We recommend you to collect your SSC Result from Education Board Official Website. There are too many other websites available which provide a chance to collect SSC Result. We will also provide SSC Result 2017 Live on here. You can visit our site again to collect your SSC Exam Result 2017 during the Result Publish season. 

Do you know the Education Board Website for Result collection? If no, remember it. The Website URL for getting the SSC Result is It is very easy process to collect Results Free! After Visiting on the Site URL, Select your Result Types. Then Select your Education Board Name. Now Enter Your SSC Roll Number. Select passing Year. Now answer the Security Question and click on the Submit Button. Then get your SSC Result. 
SSC Result 2017
SSC Result 2017

You can easily find out the Education Board Result Website from  any Search Engine. Go to your Search Engine and type “Education Board Bangladesh Result”. Then Press on the Search Buttons. Now you will look different Search Result. Now select the Government Site of Bangladesh. After Visiting, Follow the Previous rules to get your SSC Results from Education Board website.

Education Board made a system to collect Result Individually and Institute Wise. If you are an Institute Authority you can get Your Whole School SSC Result 2017 by your School EIIN Number. Do you know the System for Collect SSC Result by EIIN Number? If no, Staying with us to learn more about this process. E’ll explain about it on Education board based Result category.

SSC Result 2017 Bangladesh Download

How to Get SSC Result 2017 by Mobile SMS?

In Bangladesh, There are not available Internet connection anywhere. All of the Mobile phone also not support GPRS(General Packet Radio Service), EDGE (Enhance Data Rate for GSM Evolution) or HSPA (High Speed Packet Access). So, It is really hard to collect the SSC Result 2017 from the Internet. But, there is a default system is available. The System we are talking about: SMS System. Anyone can Collect his/her own or others SSC Result from Mobile SMS.

The SMS Process is Very simple and so easy. But, There are some condition available to get the SSC Result by Mobile SMS. Read the conditions below:
  • You must need to Send SMS Via Prepaid Mobile. But currently, some Postpaid number also support.
  • Recharge Your Account before sending SMS for Result
  • Send the SMS only after Publish the Result, If you send before. It will feedback you invalid Request or the Result is not yet publish. It will publish after 2.00 PM. 
  • If you send successful SMS, You will charge 2.37 Taka as SMS Charge (15% VAT and 3% SD Included)
  • Incoming Message with Result fully Depend on Network Clearence and the Systems or Result Server Response.
Now, You can send a Message to Get your SSC Exam Result 2017 by Mobile SMS. Follow a simple structure and Send Message. First, Go to your Message and Type SSC with capital letters. Provide a space and type the 1st three letters of your Education Board Name. Again, give a space and enter your Roll Number. Give a space and  type 2017. Then send the message to 16222 from any number.
You will get a clear concept by looking the Short Systems of SMS Keyword. Look he Short SMS systems in below:

SSC<give a space>1st 3 letters of Education board Name<give a space>Your SSC Roll<give a space>2017 to 16222. As an example, Imagine you are an SSC Examinee of 2017. Your Education board Name Dinajpur and Roll number 224466. Now follow the below format to get your SSC Result.

SSC DIN 224466 2017 to 16222. Check the below all the Education board 1st three letters. It will help you to make confidence about the 1st 3 letters of your Education board Name.

Serial Number
Education Board Name
1st Three Letter
Dhaka Board
Chittagong Board
Sylhet Board
Rajshahi Board
Barisal Board
Jessore Board
Comilla Board
Dinajpur Board
Madrasah Board
Technical Board

The Education Board Result by SMS mainly Powered by Teletalk. The Others operator lead by Teletalk to get the Result. So, sometimes it may miss the Result by Mistake! Here we’ll share a real Experience with you that is: Use the Mobile operator who has a low customers. Then you will receive your Result faster.

How to get SSC Result 2017 by Android Apps?

To collect the SSC Result 2017 by Android Apps, First need to Download The Apps from different sources. Do you have pre-installed the Education board Result BD Android Apps on your Smartphone? F yes, Please  ignore this step. Because the steps only for the New users who didn’t install the Android App right now. Google Play Store is a popular Apps Store for Android. You can download the Result App from Play Store. Just Visit: and login with your Gmail and Password.  After completing login Process,  you will able to get the App. Now search with “All Result BD”.  Just Install the Apps to Enjoy SSC Result 2017 from your Android Mobile via Free Apps.

If you don’t find the Apps on Google Play Store. Just visit our Direct link to get the Apps directly in Google Play Store. Google Play Store Direct Link.
If your Mobile doesn’t support Google Play Store, You can also Download the Apps from other websites. To get this software, Visit your Search engine 1st. We Recommend you to use Google Search because it is the best Search Engine. It also provides exact Search Results. After Visiting the Search Engine Search via “BD Result. Apk” Keyword. After Searching, you will get Some result. Then download and Install the Software from a website.

SSC Result 2017 Point Building Systems

The Minimum point of SSC Result is GPA 1.00 and Maximum is GPA 5.00. GPA 5 carry two quality. Here available Seven categories Grading systems of Letter Grade. Latter Grade starts from D and Maximum &nbsp;A+. On the Middle Steps, Here available C-Grade, B-Grade, &nbsp;A- and A. &nbsp;Another Letter Grad is also available which is F that means Fail. Maximum Marks Distance from each to next Latter Grade is 10. View below the Latter Grade and Point Distributions on the Table.

Letter Grade
Grade Point
Marks Within
0 to 32
33 to 39
40 to 49
50 to 59
60 to 69
70 to 79
80 to 100

How to Get Dhaka Board SSC Result 2017

Do you want to get Dhaka Board SSC Result 2017? It is very easy! You can get your Dhaka Board SSC Result various ways. You may feel happy to know that the Dhaka Education Board has another Result portal to provide the Dhaka Board Result Directly and Super fast. To Get your Dhaka Board Result from the Internet, Just Visit 

After visiting, you will face two Options. One of the Options is Individual Result and One of the Institution Result. Both types of option are required. If you are an Examinee, you can get your SSC Result by Clicking Individual Result. After clicking, Enter your Roll number, Answer Security Question and click on the Submit button.  If you are an Institute head. You can collect your Institution Result by Institute EIIN Number.

You can Get your Dhaka Education Board SSC Exam Result 2017 by Mobile SMS. To get the Dhaka board Result by SMS. Type SSC<space>DHA (Dhaka board 1st 3 Letters) <space>Your Shaka Board SSC Roll<space>2017 (SSC Exam/Passing Year). Now send the Message to 16222 from any Mobile. 

Chittagong Board SSC Result 2017

You can Get your Chittagong board SSC Exam Result 2017 with multiple ways. We have already included the Chittagong Education board  Official Website. Just Visit the Official Website of Chittagong board and Click SSC Result from the Result Menu. Now Get your Individual Result by Entering the Roll Number and capcha Code. Chittagong board didn’t added institution results system on their Official Website till now. 

You can get the Chittagong board SSC Result 2017 by Mobile SMS. Send an SMS with a simple Format to get the Result Easily from anywhere, any times only after publishing the Result on 02:00 PM. Just follow the SMS Format and Instruction to get your SSC Result 2017 Chittagong Board. 
Go to the Message option of your available Handset. Now, Type SSC and give a space. The Press CHI. Here CHI mean the 1st three letters of the Chittagong Education Board. The again give a space and type Your SSC Roll Number. Then Give a space and type 2017 as your SSC Passing year. Now send the message directly to 16222. You will be charge TK 2.37 as per SMS. 

In a few moments, you will receive your Results via SMS. Remember that, sometimes it takes more time.  So, don’t think about it! You are also able to get your Chittagong Board SSC Result 2017 by Your Android Mobile. The System we already included on this content on the Top section. So, Read again for more details. 

Sylhet Board SSC Result 2017

Sylhet Board Provide Extra facilities to related all who staying with the Sylhet Education Board. As an examinee of Sylhet Board or a head of the Institute, you can get your SSC Result within 1 Minute of Result Publish. You need to just Visit to from your browser. You can use all types of browser like Mobile Browser, Smartphone Browser or PC/Laptop Browser.  Here are no extra option available. Only enter your Roll Number and Press on the Submit Button. Now get your SSC Result 2017 on Sylhet board! 

You can use Mobile SMS to get your Sylhet Board Result. You may follow the SMS System if you don’t have any Internet connection Smartphone or PC/Laptop.  Now send an SMS to 16222 with the require information to get your Result. The SMS Format is:

SSC CHI RRRRRR YYYY to 16222. Here, CHI= the 1st three letters of Chittagong Education Board, RRRRRR= Examinee SSC Roll, YYYY= Examinee SSC Passing Year. 

Please make sure to Recharge Your Account before sending the Message. Per Successful SMS, you will Charge 2 TK. 15% VAT and 3% SD are also applicable.

Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2017

Rajshahi Education Board was the Largest Education board in Bangladesh. It was Established in 1961. From these times till now it takes control the Public Exam and Instititute Activities. SSC Result is one of the largest Public Result in Rajshahi Board. You can collect your SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board with Various systems. Though we will describe about the all available systems, but currently recommend you to collect Result by Mobile SMS. 

You can send SMS for SSC Result from your any Mobile SIM like GP, Robi, BL, Airtel or Teletalk. All the Mobile Operators are allowed to collect Education Board Result via SMS. To get your SSC Result via SMS, Just Follow the Instruction:

1st Go to your Message Option and type SSC. Then give a space and type the 1st three letters of your Education board. Here, as you are an examinee of Rajshahi board you must type RAJ. Then again give a space and type your 6 Digit SSC Roll Number. Then again give a space and enter your SSC Passing year. F you are looking for the SSC Result 2017, So, Enter there 2017 as the SSC Passing Year. Now send the Message to 16222. You will receive a feedback SMS with the SSC Result of your desire Roll Number. 

You can get your Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2017 by Internet from the Official Website of Rajshahi Education board. Visit the Rajshahi Board Official Website and click on the SSC Result from Result Menu. After visiting, Follow the Instruction and get your Result.

Barisal Board SSC Result 2017

Barisal board SSC Result 2017 will publish under the Education board Bangladesh. When the Ministry of Education will announce the SSC Result Publication date, All the education boards will publish their SSc Result at the same times.  Yon can then collect your Barisal board SSC Result 2017 easily. Which system you like to get your SSC Result? Internet, SMS or Android Apps. Collect Your Results with your Own choice System. 

To get the Barisal Board SSC Result through Internet, Visit the Barisal Board Official Website and Click the Result Menu from Top Right Primary Menu bar. Now Select the SSC Result Submenu. Now Follow the Instruction like your SSC Roll number, Passing year an the Other Information which is required to collect your SSC Result 2017.

You can use your Search Engine to get SSC Result. Just visit your Browser Homepage and “SSC Result 2017 Barisal Board”. After Searching, Click one link to enter the Site. After visiting one site, Follow the Instruction to get your SSC Exam Result 2017 from Internet Website.
You can also check your SSC Result by SMS. It is the Popular system for collecting SSC Result of All Board. To check your SSC Result 2017 though Mobile Message, Foll the SMS Format. This format is only for Barisal Board. 

Type, SSC<space>BAR<space>Roll Number<space>2017 and then Send The Message to 16222. As per Successful Message you will charge TK 2 with 15% VAT and 3% SD. Send the Meggase to Get Results After the Result Publish. You can also Get your SSC Marksheet after 6 PM through SMS from 16222. 

Jessore Board SSC Result 2017

Jessore Board is the Number one Digital board in Bangladesh. There are multiple systems available to get the SSC Result 2017 Jessore Board easily.  You can use the Direct link of Jessore Board default Result Portal. Do you know the Direct link of Jessore Board? If no, Visit Jessore Official website to get the SSC Result. You can collect Individual and Institution Result from Jessore Education Board Official Website. 

After visiting the Jessore Board Website, Click on the Result menu in front of Top Side. When you will click on the Result Menu, you will get a submenu with the various Public Result. Then click on the SSC Menu to get your SSC Result 2017. Only Roll Number Require to get Result  Individually. EIIN Number Require only for getting Result for whole Institute. 

SMS system is the best options for SSC Result 2017 Jessore Board. With a mobile SMS, You can collect your SSC Result from home easily. Recharge Your Mobile Account first and keep sufficient balance in your Mobile. Now go to your Message option and type SSC. Then give a space and type the 1st three Latters of Jessore Board.  Then again give a space and Type your 6 Digit SSC Roll Number. Now only one elements mistake! Give a space again and type 2017. Here 2017 is your SSC passing year.  You will receive a feedback SMS with your Result.  You can also Collect your SSC Result 2016 Jessore board Full Marksheet via SMS.  

Comilla Board SSC Result 2017

Custom Result System available on Comilla Education Board for SSC Result 2017. As an SSC Examinee of Comilla Education Board, you need to save the Comilla Board SSC Result 2017 Direct link. He Link is: After visiting this link, You will able to get your Result. Here, Institute based Result is available. All the Institute head wants to publish their School Result exact time of Result Publish. It is a positive and helpful effect to the nearest students who have not any available ways to collect their SSC Result. As a student with internet user, can easily get the SSC Result of Comilla Board.

Individual Result requires only Roll number. The other options like Passing year and  Board Name automatically fill up by Systems. Differently, Visit the Education Board Result Archive to get your SSC Result 2017 easily from the Internet. Ere you must require to complete the Result Types or Category, Education board Name, 6 Digit SSC Roll Number, SSC Passing year and Security question answer. After completing this Process, click on the Submit Button to get your SSC Result.

You may able to collect your Comilla Board SSC Exam Result 2017 from Mobile SMS. All the Education Board Mobile Result Collection System is same. Open your Message Option and follow the Instruction:

SSC <space> COM <space> SSC Roll Number <space> SSC Passing Year to SMS Sender 16222. Here, COM= Comilla Board First Three Letters. Please don’t forget the Replace the Word from SSC Passing Year to 2017.

Dinajpur Board SSC Result 2017

Dinajpur Education Board is the Last Establish Education Board in Bangladesh. The SSC Exam in Dinajpur Board 1st arranged for the Education year in 2009. 2017 is the 8th batch of SSC Exam in  Dinajpur Education Board. As a New Board, Dinajpur Education Board Work better than Other Education board to take control the Exam and results. 

The SSC Result 2017 Dinajpur Board will publish on the Dinajpur Board Official Website. When the Result will publish officially, you can get your Result on here. Dinajpur Board Official Website already included on the Top site of this content. You can also collect your Dinajpur Board SSC Result 2017 by Mobile Phone SMS System.

To get the SSC Exam Result 2017 Dinajpur Board, Just go to your Message option and Type:
SSC <space> DIN (Here, DIN= 1st three letters of Dinajpur Education Board) <space> Examinee 6 Digit Board Roll Number <space> 2017 (SSC Passing Year). Now send the Message to 16222 from your any Mobile SIM. You will receive your Result Instantly. 

Dakhil Result 2017 Madrasah Board

Dakhil Result 2017 Madrasah Board will Publish on the Same times of SSC Exam Result 2017. When the SSC Result 2017 will Publish on the Education board Bangladesh Result Archive, Then the Dakhil result 2017 will publish on the Madrasah Board Official Website. Do you know the Madrasah Board Official Website to get your Dakhil Result 2017? If no, Please go to the Top site of this Content to get this.

After Visiting the Madrasah Board Official Website, You will look two options available on Right Middle site. The Options are: Madrasah wise Result and another is the Roll Number wise Result. Both are Important because, The Dakhil Examinee need to collect Result by Roll Number wise. But the Principle of Madrasah can Get the Result by Madrasah (Institute EIIN number) wise. It will help to save time.

You can also get your Madrasah Board Dakhil Result 2017 from Mobile Phone SMS System. To get your Dakhil Result 2017 by SMS, Just follow the Step now in below:

Go to your Message option and Type Dakhil. Then give a space. Then Type MAD. Here, MAD is the 1st three letters of Madrasah Education Board. Again, give a space and type your Dakhil Roll Number. Once more give a space and type your Dakhil Passing year, which is 2017. Now send the message to 16222. You will receive your Dakhil Result via SMS to the Number you send message. With the same options, you can get your Dakhil Marksheet 2017 by SMS.

SSC Vocational Result 2017 Technical Board

SSC Vocational Result 2017 is Evolution Result of SSC. The SSC Voactional Result 2017 will publish under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. The Short name of Bangladesh Technical Education Board is BTEB. You can collect your SSC Vocational Result from the Internet, Android Apps and Mobile SMS. 

To get the SSC Vocational Result 2017 Technical Education Board by Internet, Just visit After visiting, Get your SSC Vocational Result 2017. An Institute based Result also available with Roll number wise Result. You can also visit the Education board Bangladesh Result Archive to get an SSC Vocational Result.

To Get the SSC Vocational Result 2017 Technical Board from Mobile Phone, Just follow the following instruction in below.

Go to your message option and type SSC. Give a space and type the 1st three Letters of your Education board name. Here, BTE is the 1st three letters of BTEB. Again,  give a space and type your Roll Number. Then press Padding year after a single Space. Now, Send the Message directly to 16222. You will be charged 2 Taka for per SMS. Feedback SMS time Duration depends on Network clearance and coverage.

All Education Board Official Website Address

It is very Important to Collecting your SSC Result 2017 from your Education Board website. Not only the SSC Result, But also it requires always to check Board Notice and various sectors. Now on here, We will provide you all The Education board Official Website URL. Check on the following Table.

Serial Number
Name of the Education Board
Education Board Official Web Address
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Chittagong
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Sylhet
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rajshahi
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Barisal
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jessore
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Comilla
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dinajpur
Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board
Bangladesh Technical Education Board

Please Save this Page or bookmark to get the Education board Website Link Easily. You will able to collect your All Public Result like PSC Result, JSC Result, SSC Result and HSC Result directly from these links.

Final Words About SSC Result 2017

In conclusion, no more word with the SSC Result 2017. If you want to learn more details please stay with us to get latest update. If you face any problem which is related to SSC Result 2017, please ask us via Comment. We will review your comment and answer it as soon as possible. We have also have a large collection of SSC  Suggestion 2017 and Many others. We highly Recommend you to visit our site again for keeping yourself up to date. Specially Provide Thanks to you for  staying with us  for a long time.

Dakhil Exam Result 2017 Madrasah Education Board

Dakhil Exam Result 2017. Dakhil and Dakhil Vocational Exam Result 2017 For Madrasah Education Board Students. Bangladesh Madrasha Education Board will be published Dakhil exam result 2017 on 11 May 2017. SSC Result 2017 and SSC Vocational Result 2017 also be published on same day.
Dakhil result will be publish only Education Board Official Site. SSC, Dakhil and Technical Board Result 2017. Dakhil result publish by education Board, Dakhil Result publish by Madrasah Education Board and Technical Education board publish SSC Vocational Exam Result 2017. This Year SSC Exam Result Mark Sheer, Grade Point, Subject Wise Grade Point will publish same time.

How to Get Madrasah Dakhil Exam Result

Many Examinees are Anxious about their Dakhil Result After Complete Dakhil Exam 2017. Don’t worry you have come to right place on our site to search Dakhil Exam Result 2017.

You Can Check Here To Get Details About SSC Exam Result 2017

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Dakhil Exam Result 2017 Via SMS
Dakhil <Space >First 3 letters of your Exam board<Space>Roll no<Space>Passing year And Send To 16222.
For Madrasah:
DAKHIL MAD 234543 2016 And Send To 16222
You can Send SMS from any Operator to get Dakhil Result 2017.
Dakhil Result Re-Scrutiny Application:
This Year Many of Students will be get A+ or their Desire Result but some of students will not get their desire result. Some student will want overlook their Dakhil exam paper by examiner. Normally examinees will get the change to re-check their exam paper by online application. Dakhil re-scrutiny application will start after published of Dakhil Result 2017. Students can apply re-scrutiny application online by Teletalk prepaid Mobile. Dakhil Result Re-Scrutiny Application Start 12 May, 2017  and End 19 May, 2017.          

More Details About Dakhil Result Recheck

Dakhil Madrasah Board Exam Routine 2017 has Declared by Ministry of Education Bangladesh. Dakhil Exam Will be start From 01 February 2016 and Same Time SSC Exam Will be Start Across The Country. Dakhil and Dakhil Vocational Exam Will be finished 08 March 2017.

Dakhil Exam Routine 2017 Madrasah Board

SSC and Dakhil Exam Routine 2017 of Bangladesh will be start from February, 2017 and end on March, 2017. SSC Exam Time, Schedule, SSC exam Date and Others SSC Related Information Will be Found Here.