Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dhaka Board SSC Math Exam 2017 Question Paper Leaked

Dhaka board SSC math exam 2017 question paper Leaked. Dhaka board, Bangladesh used leaked question paper in the mathematics examination. This question paper leaked through WhatsApp hours before the test. The question paper Staff Correspondent Michael Bond received when he wanted for it posing as a candidate has matched verbatim with both multiple choice and creative section of the question paper used in the Math exam on Sunday.

SSC Question Leak

Dhaka Board SSC Exam Question Paper Leaked

Michael obtained the WhatsApp number from a Facebook group. collected the SSC question paper from the Students to examine it with the leaked one after the test of the compulsory subject was held from 10 am to 1 pm.

The education ministry has been denying the allegation of leaked question paper of SSC examinations amidst heavy criticism over the matter in the past few years. When contacted with the evidence on Sunday, the exam controller at the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka, said it was a 'worrying matter'.

Tapan Kumar Sarkar, the chief of the inter-board exam controller sub-committee, told that the board authorities also received a leaked question paper Saturday night. But it did not match with the real question paper.

He, however, admitted that the set of questions got at 9:30am on Sunday resembled the real ones. Education Minister Nurul Islam was not available on his mobile phone for comment last night. Besides, Secondary and Intermediate Education Secretary Md Sohrab Hossain did not answer our the phone or text messages.

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The exam controller at the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education asked the reporter to contact intelligence agencies about the leak. Generally question papers are sent to deputy commissioners' offices and kept in the treasuries for 15 to 20 days before the SSC examination 2017.
The question papers are forwarded from the district treasuries to the police stations at the Upazilas 3 days before the examinations and those finally reach the exam centres in the morning of the SSC exam days.

The authorities at the exam centres open the sealed files half an hour before the tests start.

How the SSC question papers were obtained
A declaration was made on the Facebook page - SSC Exam Question 2017 Only Dhaka Board - at 4:17pm on Feb 9 claiming that '1000% common' math question paper will be supplied through 'WhatsApp number 01744681139' for Tk 800.

SSC Question Leak dhaka board
On sending a request at 8:10pm on Saturday, an image version of a handwritten math question paper was sent to the correspondent at 8:56pm.

Another image of a printed version of 'Kha' set of the math question paper was sent at 9:08pm.
No discussion on the payment method was held with the disguised reporter. By the way, The handwritten solutions to the 'Kha' set question paper arrived at 9:53pm.
At 2:40am on Sunday, a text message was sent through WhatsApp message. It asked to finish the sent sets first.

The SMS also said the sender would inform what set has been chosen for the exam at 8am. The printed 'Ka' set question paper was sent after that.

Another set of handwritten MCQ was sent at 6:46am, saying that the set might have changed. The creative section of the 'Ka' set was sent again at 6:48am. The printed MCQ section was sent with the solutions at 9:36am. The message read: "100% sure common".

The set of creative questions of 'Ka' set received at 2:40am was used in the examination which started at 10am. The MCQ section was the same sent at 9:36am. At 11:09am, another SMS was sent from the number, saying: "You'll get me at all the levels in your life."
Dhaka Board SSC Exam Question Leaked

"I work in every kind of SSC exam. Remember that I always want your wellbeing," it read.

The sender also promised to provide the question papers of Islam and Physical Education if he or she gets 'something' in exchange for his 'labor'. "Those who understand the value of labor will knock me again," it also added.